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Fire Risk Assessment Regulations – A simple guide

Do I need a fire risk assessment?

All businesses, blocks of flats, HMO’s, residential care homes, and public buildings like schools must have a valid Fire Risk Assessment to comply with regulations. Without one you will not know what is expected of you as a business in order to keep people safe and ensure maximum protection of premises, and of life. 

Alongside the relevant qualifications, our Risk Assessors have many years’ experience in the industry, and have all worked in or with the fire brigade for most of their careers. This gives you the reassurance that they are the most highly trained, and most qualified to provide a thorough assessment of your premises, giving you the correct information so you can adhere to all of the regulatory guidelines.


Why it is important to have a competent person carry out your fire risk assessment?

Whoever you choose to carry out your fire risk assessment for your business, you need to be confident they can;

  •         Correctly identify fire hazards.
  •         Identify those who may be at risk.
  •         Assess the suitability of the existing fire safety measures, eg fire systems and escape routes.
  •         Assess the ongoing management of fire safety, including fire drills, alarm testing and staff training.
  •         Develop a fire safety action plan.
  •         Record significant findings.
  •         Implement action plan.
  •         Update the fire risk assessment on an ongoing basis.
Fire Risk Assessment

Once the Fire Risk Assessment has been conducted it is extremely important that you implement all of the recommendations within it to ensure maximum safety for your staff, customers and premises.


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