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Emergency Lighting Maintenance – A simple guide

Do I need my emergency lighting tested by law?

Current UK fire safety legislation stipulates that emergency lighting must undergo a full discharge test at least once a year, and be “flick tested” at least once a month. An emergency lighting test checks that your emergency lighting system are in full working order and up to the standards stipulated by British legislation, by simulating a power cut.

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Emergency Lighting – Monthly User Tests

How do I test my Emergency Lighting?

The purpose of the user monthly test is to check that all lights are in working order. This test can be carried out by you or a member of your team, as long as the correct procedures are followed.

How to complete the user monthly emergency lighting test:

  1. Simulate a mains failure (usually with a test key supplied by your fire safety provider)
  2.  Walk around the circuit checking all lights are on
  3. Switch mains lighting back on
  4. Walk around circuit a second time to check all batteries are charging
  5. If your lights work individually you will only need to complete one walk around as you can test both the lights and the batteries at the same time
  6. You must record your test in the log book
  7. Make a note of any failures
  8. Arrange repairs as soon as possible to ensure your system is compliant and in full working order. If you would like a comparative remedial quote, please call us on 01452645073.


Emergency Lighting – Competent Person Annual Tests

How do I ensure my emergency lighting system is compliant.

The minimum permitted duration of an emergency escape lighting system is 1 hour. Your annual emergency lighting test should check that all of your lights turn on, and stay on for one hour, lasting up to three hours depending on the batteries.

Once your test is complete, remedial work will need to take place to ensure that all lighting is maintained and in full working order. If you use one of our industry approved engineers, they will complete remedial works and leave you with the relevant legal documentation to evidence your system is compliant. 

It is imperative that you either designate a “competent” person, or fire Safety Company to complete the yearly test, to ensure that your system is compliant.

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How do you ensure your emergency lighting is compliant?

BS 5266 and the European Standard both require written declarations of compliance to be available on site for inspection once an emergency lighting system has been installed. This ensures that you can demonstrate your system has been installed to all the correct standards

On completion of the annual emergency lighting test and remedial works (if required) our MD Bros engineer will always provide a certificate of compliance to evidence that the system has been maintained the the British Standards BS 5266.. We are also an NICEIC accredited company, so where needed, we will also notify building control of any amendments to the electrical installation.

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